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Enhancing the Capacity and Participation of Local Communities and
District Assemblies in En
vironmental Monitoring and Decision
Making in the Western Region of Ghana

Ghana, like many other natural resource rich emerging economies, holds economically viable quantities of oil and gas reserves. The exploitation of these resources remains a priority as substantial revenue is generated from subsurface resources exploitation as a major source of foreign income for economic growth. However, oil and gas exploitation also have the potential to cause severe degradation to the physical environment, health, economic and social structure of local and indigenous communities. Many emerging economies like Ghana are currently developing environmental guidelines and capacity to prevent as well as track threats to the environment and local livelihoods in the growing oil and gas sector. It is against this backdrop that the proposed project seeks to enhance the capacity of selected District Assemblies and local communities towards participation in decision making and monitoring of ecological and socioeconomic threats of the emerging oil and gas industry in the Western region of Ghana. Read more


BirdLife, a Long History for a Young Partnership

Together with more than a hundred other partners Ghana Wildlife Society celebrates a special anniversary: 90 years of BirdLife International and 20 years of the unique BirdLife Partnership of dedicated national membership based organisations. We are the world’s oldest international conservation organisation and the world’s largest grass root Partnership for nature. A history we should be proud of as we continue to strengthen the Partnership of national civil society organisations which makes BirdLife so unique and effective. 











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